RC board to take closer look at finances

ROGERS CITY — The Rogers City Area Schools Board of Education has decided to examine financial matters from when former Superintendent Dave O’Bryant was still employed.

“I believe that there are some cause for concerns which I’ve brought forward before and I remain in the same position as a board member,” Trustee Devin Pommerenke said.

O’Bryant was arrested and charged with one account of embezzlement and one account of larceny by conversion from a youth football account he once oversaw.

Pommerenke said there were many red flags from when O’Bryant was superintendent board members need to look into further.

He said he believes they may want to double check things themselves.

President Ivy Cook said they did address some of the concerns through audits.

“We do go through an audit every year and I believe the audit does catch some of the things,” she said.

Secretary Deedra Haselhuhn said she disagreed with Cook.

“I’ve been through an audit, like what we go through is looking at our bills, credits, debits, balancing,” Haselhuhn said. “What Devin is saying, and I agree with Devin, an audit like what Devin is looking for they’re opening our credit cards, what was charged, who charged it and if there was any spending that shouldn’t have happened, petty cash and to make sure proper channels were used.”

Pommerenke said if it would cost too much for another audit, maybe there should be an investigation done by the police.

“We want to double cross our T’s and double dot our I’s to make sure our bases are covered, because otherwise we’re in dereliction of our duties to our taxpayers,” he said.

Cook said she agrees with Pommerenke and the question now is how to define what should be investigated.

Treasurer Cory Budnick said the board should work hand-in-hand with legal counsel to make sure things are done properly.

Current Superintendent Nick Hein said if anyone has any specific concerns they should email him and then they will bring them up with the executive committee, along with contacting the school’s attorney.

Hein said he would call the attorney today and then the committee will meet sometime this week as well.

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