Posen students first on Lady Michigan this season

News Photo by Jordan Spence Posen High School juniors and seniors take a look at shipwrecks in Lake Huron while on the Lady Michigan Wednesday.

ALPENA — Posen High School students were the first people of the season to take a voyage on the Lady Michigan.

The students went on Lake Huron as a combination of their English and science classes.

“It’s great to get the history aspect and in the fall we talked about ecosystem and do some water tests,” science teacher Greg Pietsch said. “They got to understand types of life; very interesting from science and historical aspect.”

English teacher Mary Misiak said the tour was a continuation of a field trip they took in September.

“We were awarded a grant from the (Community Foundation fro Northeast Michigan) that covered a boat ride, to have each student build an ROV and conduct water quality testing. It was too windy back in September to go on the boat ride, so we opted to just complete the ROV and water quality testing. Also back in September, I assigned that the students research and write an essay based on a particular conservation or preservation topic of their choice,” she said.

After the tour the students spent time in the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center to research a wreck to write about.

“I assigned that they had to write three to four paragraphs about a particular shipwreck that was featured at the sanctuary,” Misiak said. “I am very picky with proper citation and so this is a chance for the students to conduct primary research on a subject. I believe that students rely too heavily on secondary sources and it is imperative for the students to conduct their own research.”

Pietsch said he used the Great Lakes as part of his lesson plan in the fall.

“Prior to our initial trip back in September, I taught the students about the history of Great Lakes shipping and topography of the lakes. I also brought my old scuba gear in and showed the students the basics of the sport,” he said

Kaylee Bell, 18, said she was happy to have nice weather for the trip.

“I like how they stopped along the way and showed us how different the shipwrecks were, and where each one was located and the specific qualities of each one,” she said.

Lucy Henningsen, 15, agreed.

“I liked it a lot because of the sun and the water was beautiful. I didn’t expect it to be this bright and this blue and what we saw was pretty interesting,” Henningsen said.

The class has done this trip for about five or six years, Pietsch said.

“They like just about everything. I think it’s educational,” he said. “They like getting out of class, it’s such a great learning experience. It’s a great thing for our kids and our school to be able to do this.”

Jordan Spence can be reached via email at jspence@thealpenanews.com or by phone at 358-5687.


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