Alcona board OKs new furniture, lighting

HARRISVILLE — The Alcona County Board of Commissioners approved replacing tables and chairs in the courtroom and adding new LED lighting in the courtroom at its meeting Wednesday.

Grounds and maintenance department head Dave Hanson said some upgrades already have been completed in the courtroom with the sound system being one.

“We also came up with the idea of upgrading the furniture and part of this is to hide the new electronics that are going to be in there,” Hanson said.

Hanson said he found a company that works with municipalities. He said the courtroom needs four new tables and five new chairs. The tables would be for the prosecutor, defense, a side table and one table in the front.

“They offer a 55 percent discount off of the retail place on stuff,” Hanson said. “We would like to use the building preservation fund, which is set aside for doing building improvements.”

The cost is $4,000 for the tables and chairs, but the total price is going to be under $4,000. Hanson said the price quote is $3,651 and the judge will make the final decision on what tables and chairs to purchase.

The chairs and tables in the courtroom are original furniture.

Hanson also asked the board to approve $400 for new LED lighting in the courthouse. The $400 also is going to come out of the building preservation fund.

“There are some lights burnt out inside the courtroom,” Hanson said. “We’ve talked about doing all the upgrading to LED lighting inside that courtroom.”

Hanson said there are a couple lights that have been flashing on and off. He said converting all the lights to LED at the same time will be an energy savings for the county.

The board approved both purchases unanimously.

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