Daoust’s resignation leaves vacancy on TBTA

ALPENA — The Thunder Bay Transportation Authority board is absent one member after the announcement that long-time Treasurer Dan Daoust was resigning from the board.

The announcement came Thursday during a meeting where President Tony Suszek read a resignation letter from Daoust, who has served on the board for 18 years.

In the letter Daoust stated he regretted resigning but was dealing with family and medical issues and asked that the letter be formal notice he was leaving the board.

“As you know I have been struggling with the decision to resign from the TBTA,” he wrote.

He also said he regretted the timing of the resignation considering the ongoing changes taking place with TBTA but did so in the best interests of his health and said he was glad to have the opportunity to serve.

Suszek said Daoust did a good job as treasurer in his tenure.

“Dan was an excellent board member, it’s going to be a big loss. For someone to have served that long it’s a big commitment, we totally support him especially if he is having health issues,” he said.

Trustee Daryl Peterson said the authority would make sure Daoust was listed on a plaque that is scheduled to be created and included on TBTA’s new Hamilton Road building.

Suszek said according to the TBTA article of incorporation there always should be a member of the local medical community on TBTA to represent the local medical interests in public transportation. Daoust is an employee of Mid Michigan Medical Center-Alpena and told Suszek he would ask hospital officials whether they would appoint a replacement from the hospital after his resignation.

Suszek said Daoust said after his inquiry that there was no answer from hospital officials. Suszek said he thought TBTA officials should reach out themselves.

“I think we want to send a formal letter to the hospital asking them if they would like someone on the board. If not there are other facilities we can reach out to,” Suszek said.

He also said although there is not a time limit in the TBTA articles of incorporation on replacing a vacant member, he thought a time limit should be imposed on the hospital of 30 days.

Suszek said Daoust also was TBTA treasurer and said the authority needed to vote a new member into the position.

After discussion Trustee Jeff Kowalski was nominated and voted in as the new TBTA treasurer.

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