Baby’s 1st Christmas

Families prepare to celebrate holidays with newest family member for the first time

News Photo by Tyler Winowiecki Sam Tracey will celebrate his first Christmas with his parents Andrew and Tiffany, and brother Isaiah.

ALPENA — Christmas is a time of creating memories with family and loved ones. For children celebrating their first Christmas, those memories become even more special for the family members.

For Andrew and Tiffany Tracey this will be the second year the family is celebrating their childs’ first Christmas.

Three years ago the family had their first child, Isaiah, who was only one month old. Tiffany said Isaiah at the time was more excited about the paper than the presents inside.

This year the family is celebrating their second child’s first Christmas. Eight-month-old Sam is slightly older but the tradition will be the same.

The family will attend a Christmas Eve service at their church before heading to Andrew’s parents in the morning to open presents. Andrew is curious to see how Sam would react to opening presents for the first time.

“It will be Sam’s first year getting gifts so it will be cool to see what he does,” he said.

Also coming to celebrate Sam’s first Christmas is Tiffany’s parents who surprised them with a visit from Nevada.

The family — who decided against lots of presents — will be doing for Sam what Isaiah received three years ago: a first ornament and creating a salt dough imprint of his hand. Tiffany said the kids will receive a new ornament each year but the salt dough imprint will only be for the first Christmas.

Kayla and Shayn Cumper also will be having their second child, Easton, celebrating his first Christmas this year.

The family does not plan on getting any big presents for the young one but instead are focusing on filling a college savings account for him.

The Cumper family will be getting Easton his first Christmas ornament just as they got for their three-year-old, Emmit.

Both of the kids will be getting a stocking this year and for Easton his will be filled with baby toys, pacifiers and some socks.

Kayla said that while every year has been different, this year they will be celebrating Christmas day at home with the family watching Christmas movies.

“I’m looking forward to watching some Christmas movies with them,” she said. “We’ll get to enjoy some family time.”

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