Michigan Author Randi Harvey to sign book on Saturday

Courtesy Photo Michigan author Randi Harvey will be at Parallel 45 Books Saturday to sign copies of her book, “The Split.”

ALPENA–Michigan author Randi Harvey will be sharing and signing her book, “The Split,” from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday at Parallel 45 Books in Alpena.

Harvey says the book is a dystopian thriller about the U.S. falling into a second civil war. She said it’s told from the perspective of a Midwestern mother of three children who lives with an abusive husband. The mother learns her 18-year-old son dies in the war, and her daughter is drafted the next day.

“So she kidnaps them without any plan, really, and tries to figure out how to keep both her daughters safe,” Harvey said. “She flees to her hometown of Paradise, Michigan, which is in the Upper Peninsula right by the Straits of the Soo.”

Harvey got the idea for the book in 2018 while at her family’s cabin in Lincoln, where she and her husband vacation each year. She said the book was inspired by the division in the country and that, if a civil war were to begin, she doesn’t believe the scenarios to be too far-fetched.

“Society is fragile, and it’s the people who make the society. So, we need to be gentle, and we need to be kind,” she said.

Harvey said she is grateful for anybody who takes time out of their day to appreciate something she’s created.

The book is the first of four books in The Core series, which Harvey is writing. Harvey said “The Core” is a group of people who are trying to keep people sick and stupid because they want the planet for themselves.

Her second book, “I Am Your Companion,” was released on Sept. 9, and her third book, “Ribbon Walkers,” will release in the spring of 2021.

Both books (sell for $14.99) and are available at Parallel 45 Books, located at 106 N 2nd Ave. in downtown Alpena.

Harvey is a writer, pilot, singer, blogger, and entertainer from Milford, Michigan. She has lived throughout the country and traveled the world following her career. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and two sons.

When she is not writing, Harvey works for the Home Shopping Network, where she works as an on-air fashion expert. She also co-hosts Hollywood’s Greatest Game Shows, including the Newlywed Game, starring Bob Eubanks.


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