Wildlife Sanctuary plans for summer

ALPENA — Readying for good weather was the focus of recent discussions at Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary Board meetings.

Plans were made for a walk of Island Park to determine maintenance needs for summer nature activities and for procedures needed for protecting the natural environment of Island Park.

The walk around the Island would check trails, signs, stairways and docks for upkeep needs. The review will note what needs attention, such as fallen trees and graffiti removal.

Pamphlets will be reviewed and placed in the pamphlet rack at Duck Park. These colorful pamphlets describe natural features of the Sanctuary and such wildlife of Island Park as birds, wildflowers, habitats and a Kid’s Guide.

As a city advisory board protecting and educating about the Sanctuary, there had previously been concerns for the Sanctuary’s plants, animals and waters being impacted by the noise and debris from the fireworks proposed for the Alpena County Fair. Because of these concerns, board members discussed procedures for expressing their advisory opinions. Discussion centered on how, in the future, the Sanctuary Board could effectively communicate heir advisory opinions to the Alpena Municipal Council.

The role of resource people participating in board meetings was also discussed. Such people could be valuable in sharing their experience and knowledge. In both cases, procedures were developed.


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