Thunder Bay Arts Community Chorus concert draws crowd

News Photo by Darby Hinkley The Thunder Bay Arts Community Chorus performed a beautiful concert for a large crowd on Monday at Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Alpena. The chorus is pictured singing at right, directed by Joseph Agnew, with accompaniment by Pam Woolard. TBA Community Chorus members include: Ann-Marie Ruder, Gail Brookins, Vickie Fields, Stephanie Bender, Janette Decker, Lila Will, Linda Knight, Dianne Sharp, Allison Hartmeyer, Susan Armstrong, Stephanie Schmidt, Kathleen Howard, Jill Fitch, Johanna Bowen, Dawn Hansen, Lois Marshall, Terri Agnew, Michelle Marcouiller, Lynn Vanderlinde, Kristin Benghauser, Stefanie Huffaker, Lyn Loheed, Ellen Eagan, Karen Thompson, Tina Honecker, Ann Kuehn, Harold Ruder, Bob Laity, Marty Cantleberry, Robert Sulivan, Mark Teed, Don Stewart, Roger Baumgardner, Gary Dawley, Tim Decker, Dave Vanderlinde, Eric Dunckel, Johnny Bender, and Eugene Bacon.


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