Learn all about ‘Louie the Leprechaun’ Saturday at Olivet

Courtesy Photo Author Mike Lukach will have copies of his children’s book, “Louie the Leprechaun,” including a plush toy, available for sale at his reading on Saturday at Olivet Book and Gift in downtown Alpena.

ALPENA — Oscoda author Mike Lukach will read from his children’s book, “Louie the Leprechaun: A St. Patrick’s Day Tale” on Saturday to get folks in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day.

The reading and book signing will begin at 10:30 a.m. at Olivet Book and Gift, located on the corner of Chisholm Street and North 2nd Avenue in downtown Alpena. A second reading will be held at 11:30 a.m.

Each purchase of the children’s book about a mischievous leprechaun includes a plush toy of Louie himself.

Children of all ages will enjoy learning about Louie’s adventures and shenanigans, as he causes mischief wherever he goes.

Have you ever searched and searched for a four-leaf clover with no luck? Well, Louie might have gotten there before you and plucked the fourth leaf off. Has your milk turned green? That’s Louie. Have you misplaced your shoes on St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe Louie hid them from you.

“He likes to cause mischief, and he makes kids laugh,” Lukach said of Louie. “He’ll do rainbows and four-leaf clovers on the windows and floors. He’ll hide the shoes and leave candy in them. He turns milk green.”

Louie tries to do these things without getting caught.

“He realized he couldn’t keep doing it, otherwise he would get caught by the kids,” Lukach said. “So he just decided to do one day a year, and he does it for St. Patrick’s Day.”

“Louie the Leprechaun” is Lukach’s first book. He plans to write more, and has a children’s coloring and sticker book in the works. “Louie the Leprechaun” is illustrated by Johnny Cortez.

Lukach was inspired to write the book when his daughter came home from preschool and told him stories about a leprechaun who was getting into all sorts of trouble.

“They did a whole thing with leprechauns, and Louie made a mess in the classroom,” Lukach recalled. “She was so animated about it, talking about it.”

He thought it sounded like a fun book idea.

“I just went off of what she had told me, and I expanded upon it to make it into a full book,” Lukach said. “It’s just supposed to be fun and make kids laugh.”

Lukach is originally from New Jersey, lived in Las Vegas for 22 years, then moved to Oscoda in 2022. When he’s not writing children’s books, he works as a home inspector. He has four children.

“Louie the Leprechaun” will be available on Saturday at Olivet. It is also available for purchase online at Walmart.com.


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