Sometimes the body disagrees with that young mindset

Senior Attitudes

I was shocked the other day when I realized my “old” friends were my age. How had that happened? I know it was only yesterday none of my bones cracked and my hair was thick and black. Now I make music as I move. I’m losing hair on my grey head and growing it on my chin. Was I warned this would happen? I remember when I was young, elders giggling when I said I wish I was older. “Just wait,” they would say.

On the other side, my five children are successful in their life choices. My grandchildren, oh I never knew how much I could love until they arrived. The great grand is just perfect. I am sure every other senior feels this way.

I’m watching two hummingbirds battling at the feeder for territory.

I think WE must stop fighting for territory and work to share and not amass more and more. It really makes no difference in my happiness if my neighbor’s bird feeder is bigger than mine. It makes no difference if my neighbor is black, yellow, green or purple. I do want them to have a sense of humor so we can laugh together at life’s foibles.

Join with me in the Association of Lifelong Learners and we can be friends and up north neighbors and laugh together.

Remember, old age is a race of what will give out first — my mind, my body, or my patience.

Rest well, enjoy life and love one another.


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