‘Violence begets violence’

I protest. I protest this world and my beloved country breaking my heart.

In my professional and family life, I have worked closely with police officers. I have respected and appreciated their efforts. That video could make me cry.

I have never hated anyone, and yes I have had reason. My best friend was murdered and left three children. She was killed by a 17-year-old boy who didn’t like her voice when he asked her the time. How can I hate a 17-year-old child who had that much anger and hate in him?

I do understand rage, which is a temporary aberration. It will pass.

I have in the past supported protests. I was proud of Alpena’s protests. It is possible to protest without violence.

What happened to George Floyd should be an embarrassment to all policemen. Just as I feel foolish and embarrassed when I read about a nurse stealing drugs or killing a patient.

As a protest supporter I am horrified by the violence. Violence begets violence. Love begets love. Simple statements. Simple truths. When will we learn?

How did we teach our children it’s OK to hate and fear those who are different from us instead of learning from each other?

Is the God they believe in the same God as mine? Or is he more powerful? Where am I and my beliefs in the eternity scheme? Am I safe?

If I can keep my neighbor down, will that make me rise?

Fear of losing my spot in the world with their success is scary.

Fear comes before hate. If they don’t look like me do they think like me? Is what I consider important what they think is important? Are they going to do something to hurt me?

I have read or heard of so many kindnesses during this epidemic. I wonder which side on the scale of justice is hanging with weight — kindness or hate.

We need peace and love now as much as in years past. I have been accused of believing in Utopia. I don’t live in Utopia. I believe in the journey to Utopia. We can all walk the trail to Utopia and smile during the trip.

When we are all open again, join me in an Association of Lifelong Learners program, and I will give you a hug, with or without my mask.


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