Spruce author to sign books July 6

Author Douglas Ewan Cameron of Spruce, and Copley, Ohio, will have a book signing at Turn the Page bookstore from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 6. The bookstore is located at 2205 U.S.-23, in the same shopping center as Nieman’s Family Market.

Cameron will feature his latest book, “Predator Island,” a thriller about seven billionaires improving a deserted island to see which of 14 of the world’s land predators will survive a battle to the death.

“Seven billionaires band together to lease a deserted Brazilian island. After upgrading the island’s infrastructure with roads, water, electricity provided by solar panels, and a tunnel through the side of a dormant volcano to build their headquarters on the crater floor, their plan is to populate the island with 14 of the world’s deadliest land predators. With very little game to survive on, it is expected that the predators will turn on each other and it will be a fight to the finish with the survivor earning the title of ‘The Deadliest Predator.’ The action will be viewed on television in their headquarters with the cameras on 14 drones, each tracking one of the predators through a microchip in the napes of the predators’ necks. The drones are to be controlled by a powerful artificial intelligence computer named Horus. However, two nights before the predators’ arrival a force of mercenaries hired by one of the billionaires invades the island, taking control and a 15th predator is added to the game. But this predator is a naked, unarmed man. The only way that the billionaires can regain control of the island and their program is left in the ‘hands’ of Horus. But what can a computer and a naked man do against an armed force of 30?”

Cameron is a professor emeritus from The University of Akron in Ohio, where he taught mathematics for 28 years. In retirement, he and his wife spend six months on the shore of Hubbard Lake in Spruce, where he fishes for walleye, smallmouth bass, and pike. In the winter they live in Copley, Ohio, and have traveled the world, visiting more than 100 countries and all seven continents. Contact him at 989-727-2348, or author@booksbydecameron.com. Visit www.booksbydecameron.com.