Alpena Lions Club hears from NMTA’s Jim Conboy

Jim Conboy, representative from the Northern Michigan Trails Association (NMTA), was the speaker at the May 14 meeting of the Alpena Lions Club.

He described the operation and maintenance programs of the northern Michigan state trails. Mike Hamilton was program chair for the meeting.

Conboy reported that the trails are owned by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, who also maintain the trails. However, the nonprofit NMTA also provides much additional trail maintenance, which is done by volunteers.

The NMTA encourages cities, townships and local businesses and associations to provide additional services for the trail users, like playgrounds, food, parking, bike racks, and public transportation.

Another goal of NMTA currently is to build trails that accommodate snowmobiles. And Conboy was pleased to report that now more older people are using the trails.


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