Art in the Loft scholarships offered for all ages

Art in the Loft is happy to announce the development of its scholarship program, offering scholarships to artists of all ages and abilities.

The scholarships will cover 100% of the class cost, allowing applicants to participate in classes, lectures and art series at the Loft throughout the year.

Scholarship applications can be submitted for most classes. Families are limited to one scholarship per family, per month, to ensure the opportunity remains available to everyone who is interested.

Art in the Loft strongly believes in staying true to its mission by providing community members with a safe place to express creativity, allowing freedom of expression to paint, cook, laugh and learn in a supportive culture of inclusivity and encouragement.

Art in the Loft is always amazed and humbled by the talented cooks and artists that thrive in our community and looks forward to sharing the many opportunities it has to offer. Art elevates us. Art lifts us.

For more information, call 989-356-4877.


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