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226 days ago.
by jaxspp

Letters To Ed :-)

"We've been duped by the Republicans. Kentucky Sen. and minority leader Mitch McConnell in a news conference one day after the election, stated that the single and sole goal of the GOP over the next two years is: to make Barack Obama a single term president. What an arrogant and obnoxious goal and statement. There agenda before the election was to get votes by promising that there first goals were jobs, the economy and health care reform. It seems their goal is to grab power, not to do things for the people that are in need of jobs and or unemployment pay, health care for those that don't have it, and the people losing their homes. This is the same party that wanted the auto plants and their suppliers to go out of business. We are just coming back from what they did to this country, and now we have them back to do the same things to our country again. What a mess the next two years is going to bring to this country. Talk about partisanship." Carl D. Leow Rogers Cit


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Please cite your "studies" that claim to have data that can support your assertions that 26 year olds are "healthier".

Posted 809 days ago.


Jaxspp's "numbers" are just that. Without context they are nothing more than digits. It's a classic attempt to play fast and loose with the truth.

The concept of CONTEXT is pretty scary to the "information challenged".

Posted 809 days ago.


"...I see we are going to have to remind you of Bush's numbers. One million jobs created in 8 years. Unemployment rose from 4.3% to 7.9%..."


4.3% is near full employment, not going to "create" tons of jobs when the economy is at near capacity. JAX-BS1

Unemployment rose to 7.9% as the recession started, caused by housing policies who's intentions were good but unintended consequences destroyed the economy. Talk to your man Clinton. JAX-BS2

Posted 809 days ago.


"...We understand Obamacare is junk, but wait, studies are coming out people under 26 are becoming healthier from staying on insurance longer..."

Where in the HECK did you find a study that can make that kind of determination after such a short period of time????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Posted 809 days ago.


No, dummy employee. My products were much more environmentally friendly than DuPont's, but Dupont gets what Dupont wants. You're just too stupid to get that. You don't understand how crony capitalism works. Their products are very deadly poison, mine was non-toxic in every way.

And how many thousands of pages must a company go through to find that regulation on their particular product?

It needs to hire a compliance officer doesn't it dumbass? And even then, how does that EPA overreach, even when noticed, help a company stay in business?

And I'm not talking about burning tires or dumping oil. I'm talking about cleaning out a ditch or making a lovely backyard pond. Of course you commies have to take everything out of context and apply the ridiculous to it.

That's just what ridiculous, suicidal, commies do, though they also want to visit their suicide on everyone else until it's relabeled genocide.

Crack open a history book, fool. You're deaf, dumb, and blind.

Posted 809 days ago.

You have land, I assume, maybe you can just start burning tires on it or dumping used motor oil into the streams. What the heck, who needs regulations?

Posted 809 days ago.

Of course as far as free, I know you want the right to spew whatever you want into the atmosphere or dump whatever you want into the waterways, you call the regulations Communism, we call them being a part of society.

Posted 809 days ago.

What's stupid is being in an industry and not knowing the regulations that control your industry. If you sell X product you should know the regulations pertaining to X product. You don't have to know every federal regulation, nor do you have to understand Obamacare. All you have to do is know the regulations pertaining to X product.

Simplistic, but as I've been saying for years about Real World vs. Living Room World......

Posted 809 days ago.


Maybe you and Jax should aspire to be more like Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar. At least he appears to have an opinion.

Unlike either of you.

Posted 810 days ago.



Posted 810 days ago.

rshill7 believe you can follow so many laws that no one yet has been able to fully count them all, and then having the nerve to call yourself, "free".

America was never intended to be that way. True conservatives just want America to be free. Democrats want them to be bound much, much, more.

Which side is whacked, and which side is sane?

The sides do not consist of democrat and republican either. The sides consist of conservative and "progressive", which is really, regressive.

When America was founded, it declared it's independence to throw off the shackles, not to heap more on. This is what the Tea Party is about, yet you call THEM whackos.

It's the very thing which makes you stupid.

Posted 810 days ago.


"Frequent Reference Question: How Many Federal Laws Are There? March 12, 2013 by Jeanine Cali The following is a guest post by Shameema Rahman, Senior Legal Research Specialist in our Public Services Division. Shameema is a frequent contributor to In Custodia Legis; her most recent post was entitled Presidential Signing Statements.

At the reference desk, we are frequently asked to estimate the number of federal laws in force. However, trying to tally this number is nearly impossible."

Obamacare regulations alone are 9 times longer than the Gutenberg Bible, which has 642 two-sided leaves or 1,286 pages. The 1,286 pages of the Gutenberg Bible also represent just how many new Obamacare regulations were codified into law just this past weekend.

Love your federal government? Go right ahead.

Hey, welcome to America, Land of the free, and Home of the brave. The brave part consists of being brave/stupid enough...

Posted 810 days ago.


Mr. J.

Until you've memorized the federal register, which is impossible, you can still make the first part of that statement but not the second part.

You're probably guilty of about three felonies per day, same as everyone else.

Yet you still want the federal government to keep piling on more. Congresspersons should run and serve on how many laws they will repeal, not how many they can pass.

With Stephen Harper as PM of Canada, they have a deal going since last year that for every new regulation they pass, they must first repeal one, so the net regulations at least stay zero. That would be a decent start here, though I would rather repeal them on a 100:1 or 1000:1 ratio.

Posted 810 days ago.


Insurance company executives could not have made $30 million a year with Obamacare so we have Romneycare with no public option.

Posted 810 days ago.

I might be stupid, but I am a law abiding citizen.

Posted 810 days ago.


Oh yeah, raise the minimum wage but cut the hours to 29 and double the price of gas, causing all other prices to rise, and more businesses to close rather than open.

If that sounds right to you, should that be a surprise to me?

Net income loss for the folks, big time. Democrats don't want a thriving middle class. They need to eliminate it, as that's how Marxism takes hold. The middle class is the buffer zone between the "masses" and the "1%". Gotta get rid of that middle group for that to happen.

Need a few hundred thousand more illegals too, every year.

It truly must hurt to be as painfully stupid as you are. One day it'll smack you and your family, right upside your potatohead.

Until then don't buck the bliss. Mr Incapable of disagreeing with a party.

Like I said, you have no selfmade opinion whatsoever. Probably never will until your "friends" fry you.

Posted 811 days ago.

We understand Obamacare is junk, but wait, studies are coming out people under 26 are becoming healthier from staying on insurance longer. That's bad, though, right? Just like the minimum wage, states increasing it are seeing job growth, not cuts. Only state not seeing growth is NJ, but of course, they are Christie Country. Who you will also be gleefully voting for if he is the GOP nominee.

RS and the GOP: Always wrong. Always have been. Always will be.

Posted 811 days ago.

RS: "I have an opinion. You don't. "

I see your opinions on bumper stickers where ever I go. If I don't come here I can listen to Hannity and get your opinion. Romney and McCain were everything you hate and you gleefully voted for them. You are as predictable as vanilla ice cream.

As far as the Borg thing, I was never into Star Trek and most of my friends gave it up when they were about 12, but here you are going strong, Candy Crush for you all day.

Posted 811 days ago.


If "no one but fools thought it would come out perfect on the first draft" I guess either democrats passed what they knew was crap or they are all fools, including Obama, who lied about every aspect of it, repeatedly.

None of the republicans were fool enough on that issue. Not one.

They were fools for not supporting Ted Cruz' filibuster to repeal it last year. They were fools for supporting Thad Cochran a few weeks ago too.

They will pay. So will Karl Rove and co., who should be taken out and horsewhipped.

I despise democrats and I despise the GOPe. Not the GOP base, the GOPe.

They will soon change or find themselves in the same trash heap as the Whigs. The GOPe are nothing but democrat-lite and should be blown away like so much chaff.

Posted 811 days ago.


No, it ends up nothing because of Harry Reid.

I would say that repealing it, would be a 'dramatic' change.

How would you non-dramatically change it? You're still exempt from it. Right?

Why can't you ever just tell the truth and disagree with how stupid your side is so often? Is there some sort of reward you get for staying so far up Obama's, Harry Reid's, and Nancy Pelosi's ass as their collective butt microphone?

Karl Rove, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell, along with Thad Cochran and Lindsey Graham, among others, can kiss my ass. You however, are Borg-locked with everything democrats do.

That's a big difference between you and I. I have an opinion. You don't.

When's the last time you had an original thought or opinion?

Posted 811 days ago.

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