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Editorial: Take the time to give thanks

November 21, 2012
The Alpena News

Today, give thanks.

We all have many things we've been blessed with, so today, just take a moment and meditate on those blessings and give thanks. All our worlds are crazy and busy, and so often we fail to "smell those roses" along life's path.

Unintentionally, we are so caught up with another place to run, another commitment to rush to, that we tend to take things for granted. In our "to and fro" we don't think about how good we really have it.

So today, give thanks.

Give thanks for a roof over your heads, food on the table, heat to keep warm by and clothes to keep you cozy.

Give thanks for the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening.

Give thanks for your health, whatever its condition today.

Give thanks for crackling logs in the fireplace, snow crunching underfoot or the sound of another wave lapping on shore.

Give thanks for a baby's smile and a grandparent's tear.

Give thanks for all things. The good things spur us on further, the bad things provide lessons from which to learn.

Today is Thanksgiving.

Give thanks.



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