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Citizens most important aspect of gov’t

November 16, 2012
The Alpena News

In 1776 we were 13 British Colonies and subjects of King George,. We rebelled and fought and won against the largest Army and Navy in the World. We replaced the King, with a Citizen and a Vote, with all the power to rule our new Government. Then to make it work, for the benefit of all and show the way for other Countries, to do the same. Political parties were not in the Constitution and the only President to be elected without one, was Geprge Washington. For our Government to work, enough Citizens must be in agreement, or we have gridlock and nothing gets done. Political parties give us the way to get to know how those who will govern, before the Election. The Citizen is the most important part, those he votes for in the Executive, will need support in the Legislative and Judicial. This is why the Primary Election is so important and if the Citizen is an active member of his political Party, only the best will win. On the local level, attend as many meetings that you can. Your presence means that those elected do not feel alone and you care about how they behave. To do this in Lansing and Washington, might not be easy, but with technology, it can be done. You will know more about how your Government works and those who run it. A Citizen must be healthy, educated, not only in academics, but how to garden, cook, buy, keep house, bank, credit cards and have a good job. To do this with love and respect others, we are all in this together. You might even make some life long friends and we can all wind up with a better life.



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