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We need combination of political ideologies

November 8, 2012
The Alpena News

Are we better off politically?

Strangely, with the way our democratic form of government was designed the American people have the opportunity to change our countries priorities and policies every four years. After one four year election cycle we will have a sitting President running for reelection who becomes the hated villain and a person seeking to unseat the President who becomes the great savior making all kinds of impossible to fulfill promises that will please voters. After a President is reelected for another four year term the people get to choose between two new great saviors offering different priorities, policies and promises designed to fix the changes the last President made.

The problem I see is the lack of any agreed upon and defined direction our country needs to be on with the people and their political parties working together to make improvements to that direction. How can anyone get anywhere if they keep changing where they want to go? Confusion is a fault, not an asset and by continually being confused and changing direction our country has become politically dysfunctional.

We have become divided by the battle between the Republican conservative and Democratic liberal ideologies that both wrongly claim to be the only right direction for this country. Logically, it takes a combination of both conservative and liberal ideologies working together to unite this country and make it the great country it should be. Social advancement comes from reaching agreements through compromise that generally satisfies both sides of an issue, not from refusing to compromise at all. How long can our country afford to tolerate political parties and a Congress that refuse to work together or compromise on any issue? Are we better off politically? Not when we pick sides and stubbornly refuse to work together through compromise.

Jim DesRocher




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