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We can’t afford to have Romney as president

November 2, 2012
The Alpena News

Where would we be without Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the G.I. Bill, Pell Grants, even unemployment and food stamps?

We can not privatize Social Security or give out vouchers by gambling in the stock market. Remember the Great Depression.

Bush Jr.'s economic plan was fuzzy math to say the least, but Romney's fuzzy math does not add up at all.

Freepoint, Ill., just shut down a plant because of Bain Capital, they sent those jobs to China.

Mitt Romney got an $8 million payday over that deal.

Who do you trust, a flip flopper or Obama, who replaced Bush Jr.'s fuzzy math economic plan and started moving us forward out of the mess that put us in the greatest recession in the first place.

We can't afford another fuzzy math economic plan like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have in store for us, a deeper financial calamity that we have been climbing out of. We don't need to start another war. Keep sanctions on Iran, like Clinton did on Iraq. Please vote, it's your right.

Barry Halleck




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