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Murch: Dropping a few names, 25 at a time

October 26, 2012
Steve Murch - Managing Editor , The Alpena News

Name dropping on a Saturday, 25 people in 720 words.

On Wednesday I was feeling run down and a little lifeless so I emailed the one person I know who would have the right words - Trina Gray. Those who know Trina won't be surprised that she would have something motivational to say. She didn't just give me a little motivation, she gave it to me full force. We exchanged a couple of emails and while I was still sluggish I felt properly motivated and it helped. Trina's column runs every fourth week on the Saturday Health page, and there is something in there for everyone. The paper is better because she's a contributor.

I also hope you read the columns by Mary Beth Stutzman, Jackie Krawczak and Stephen Fletcher. Whether you agree with them or not, they have strong voices and give plenty of food for thought. Mary Beth and Jackie rotate on Tuesdays, while Steve appears every Wednesday.

Doug Fister deserved a whole lot better offense from his Tigers teammates than he received on Thursday. It didn't help that Gene Lamont cost the team a potential run early on by sending Prince Fielder home on a ball hit to the wall. Lamont has cost the Tigers several games through the years, and in 2010 sent Magglio Ordonez home on the play that resulted in Mags breaking his ankle at the plate.

I haven't listened to any of the political robo-calls, though I'm sure I've had them. I just don't pick up the 800 numbers or Unknown Caller. If it's a real person they would just leave a message and I could call back. The mailings are a different story. I've actually considered not voting for either Peter Pettalia or Ken Hubbard in the 106th House race because I'm sick of all the fliers in my mailbox every day. I shouldn't have that attitude, but I could probably heat my house for a month if I had a fireplace. I will, of course, cast a vote, but it's getting ridiculous. Gary McDowell and Dan Benishek have sent slightly fewer, but I've had it with them too. I hope postal carriers are getting paid extra for the potential injuries from carrying around all the extra weight.

Do you think there will be an NHL season? Now that they've canceled the games for November, it's looking like the league will need a minor miracle to play before the first of the year. I told people earlier that I thought the first games would be Dec. 15 because that weekend has every team playing. Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA head Donald Fehr need to put the hammer down because I don't think the league could really survive another lost season without taking a major hit in fan support.

The NBA is poised to capitalize on the NHL's absence. It was a bit surprising how the league recovered because of its late start to grab a lot of positive attention. Of course it helped that its biggest stars, LeBron James, and best young player, Kevin Durant, were in the NBA Finals. The league is a bit like its commissioner, David Stern, in that it's like Teflon and bad publicity doesn't stick to it.

Have you seen the weekly political segment on WBKB-TV? I think Marisa McKay and Tim Kuehnlein have done a nice job with them. I applaud both of them.

My current favorite laugh-out-loud must watch TV show is Don't Trust the B** in Apartment 23. Kristen Ritter and Dreama Walker are funny, but James van der Beek is hysterical playing a fictional version of himself. The season premiere had me in stitches and I can't wait for next week.

Do you think our Founding Fathers are somewhere rolling over in their graves with how dirty, nasty, and ugly our politics have become? Politics has always been an iffy proposition, but there was some civility, even in a duel - which today would have someone cheat, I guarantee that. I can't imagine George Washington or Thomas Jefferson would be impressed. It wouldn't surprise me to hear "We fought for THIS freedom?"

And the last word goes to explorer and philanthropist Sir Edmund Hillary who said "It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." So go out there and conquer something.



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