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Editorial: Time for city to come together again

October 5, 2012
The Alpena News

Enough is enough.

We're tired of all the petty accusations, name calling, rumor spreading, back stabbing and out-of-control bull crap surrounding Alpena Municipal Council, its recall, and the search for a city manager.

And no, we won't apologize for calling it bull crap.

If it looks like manure, smells like manure and you see steam rising from it, then it must be manure. And trust us, there's been a ton of it spread over the city limits since summer.

At times we believe we must be the scene of a poorly directed reality show - "A city behaving badly."

If ever there's been great examples of social media run amok, this issue would be it. Never has there been such false rumors spread so quickly. And the rumors aren't just subtle, they're vile, negative and disgusting. They make our stomachs turn and our hearts sink.

Brother is pitted against brother, neighbor against neighbor. We see the fabric of the community being ripped apart at seams that until now, we never would have thought possible.

We feel like we're witness to a playground disagreement of little children. Actually, at council this week, we were just waiting for one person or another to wrinkle their noise and actually blurt out "Nah, nah, ne nah nah."

Manure. We hope you have your boots on as we're deep into it.

Whatever happens in November one thing has become increasingly clear - there is going to need to be a whole lot of healing taking place after the election. Regardless of the outcome, a lot of hatchets are going to need buried, apologies made and fences mended, otherwise council will become impotent, ineffective and useless.

We never have witnessed a more pathetic public display of emotions. This takes hanging our dirty laundry out to air to a whole new level.

We're disgusted, disappointed and disheartened.

Shame on us. Shame, shame on us.

We should know better.



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