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Quality surgical care right here in Alpena

October 17, 2015 We in Alpena think we have to go out of the area, many times hundreds of miles to get quatlity service. Last spring my husband faced the need to have facial surgery due to cance. more »»

Story not accurate reflection of Dems’ debate

October 17, 2015 Alpena's front-page Associated Press coverage of last night's Democratic presidential debate was not only inaccurate, but it lacked any reference to the extreme contrast with the Republican... more »»

Lawmakers can’t fix roads but give us big bang

October 10, 2015 According to Michigan's current fireworks law, Christmas is one of the holidays which can now be marked by the use of aerial firework. more »»

State use tax is what’s needed to fix tax system

October 10, 2015 We need a new tax code, there is no debate about that. more »»

Stay safe, healthy get your influenza vaccine

October 10, 2015 Influenza ("the flu") kills at least 3000 people in the United States each year. In years of influenza epidemic, more than 49,000 people have died from this preventable viral infection. more »»

Keep Michigan ‘pure’ for as long as we can

October 10, 2015 I'm glad Rep. Peter Pettalia is encouraging “Pure Michigan” in the BYWAY promotion because then he is showing an interest in keeping Michigan as clean as possible. more »»

Liberals know where blame lies with guns

October 3, 2015 In a Letter To The Editor Saturday, Sept. 26, Robert Colarusso thinks that "liberals can't handle truth about shootings.” I must laugh out loud while spitting out my coffe. more »»

We aren’t receiving the information we need

October 3, 2015 After all the hoopla about the Republican Presidential Debates where were the journalists? Afterwards some of the candidates were not mentioned at all about their debate presentations. more »»

Adoption is a better choice than abortion

October 3, 2015 J.W. Ritter's letter of Sept. 11 “Time to put an end to the crime of abortion” is well written. It is a powerful reminder of how low this civilization has come. more »»

Showing support of clerk for taking her stand

October 3, 2015 Long before our Constitution, Country, Columbus and Christ, the word marriage was used for a man and woman. The marriage license always named the husband and wif. more »»

Don’t be misguided, we need HUNT here

September 19, 2015 There is a need for HUNT. I am glad to have HUNT operating in our area. I spent my high school and college years during the 60s and 70s. The drug culture was “in” then. more »»

Your vaccination choice affects everyone

September 19, 2015 This letter is in response to Suzy Bruder, Onaway, who recently had her letter/opinion about vaccines published in The Alpena News, 9/11/15 edition. Ms. more »»

Better ways to spend money than on refugees

September 19, 2015 I’m a 72-year-old dum dum. As I was reading today’s paper about how Obama wants to admit more Syrian refugees in the budge. more »»

Thumbs down for flags not at half staff

September 19, 2015 9/11. What does the N in NOAA stand for? Thumbs way down to Alpena for promoting NOAA in Manhattan and then forgetting to lower the flag to half staff on September 11th. more »»

ARMC sale would mean loss of local control

September 18, 2015 Steve Fletcher's column of Sept. 9, 2015, raised questions about the potential sale of Alpena Regional Medical Center. more »»

Signs are all around of global warming reality

September 18, 2015 The Friday, Sept. 11, 2015, Viewpoint would have you believe Global Warming exists only in the minds of “environmental radicals” and President Obama. more »»

Trooper goes above and beyond call of duty

September 12, 2015 A few weeks ago, I awoke on a Saturday morning to hear a whining/crying noise outside my house. I investigated, and found the noise to be a dog crying. more »»

We can’t let country become more divided

September 12, 2015 Alpena's front page article on Aug. more »»

Community continues to show why it’s special

September 12, 2015 This is an amazing community we live in, as we just witnessed in the benefit garage sale for Paxton Hunter. more »»

Get all the unbiased facts about vaccinations

September 11, 2015 Yesterday I received a letter from my child’s school informing me that he was not up to date on all the vaccinations they “require” to start schoo. more »»



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