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City needs to take better care of the bike path

August 22, 2015 I think it is really sad that the city is no longer sweeping the bike path. It is one of the best assets the city has. more »»

No accidents at the Meijer intersection

August 22, 2015 I might be wrong but I don't think that there has been an automobile accident on M-32 near Bagley since Meijer opened in May and the new traffic signal was put in service. more »»

Donald Trump is into himself, not psycho

August 22, 2015 Donald Trump is the most entertaining media personality since Howard Beale when he ranted, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" The main difference is that "The Donald"... more »»

Needs to be better communication from city

August 22, 2015 It is unfortunate the city doesn't have better communication with the groups that it has asked to adopt parks. more »»

Airport should bring back Minneapolis flight

August 22, 2015 Your front page article regarding Alpena Airport on Aug. 13, 2015 issue deserves further amplification and cheerful response by all concerned community members. more »»

Republicans, Democrats: What do each stand for?

August 22, 2015 Although it seems early to be focusing on presidential political campaigns we are none-the-less in that process. more »»

Stupid laws that got dumped by the state House

August 22, 2015 The state House voted this week to dump nearly 80 outdated or just plain dumb law. more »»

Nope, no trophy for you

August 22, 2015 NFL quarterbacks fear Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harriso. more »»

It’s not just about the politics

August 22, 2015 Bill and Hillary Clinton have for years looked into the nearest camera and said, "It's just politics." Every attack from every direction has been deflected with that. more »»

Underrating the intricacies of going to school

August 22, 2015 It’s the onset of fall and that means, as it does every year, that school is about to start. This is a process we take for granted. Because we take it for granted, we underestimate its complexity. more »»

Planned Parenthood’s actual violations

August 21, 2015 While the media waxes large over the "selling of body parts" from aborted fetuses, the illegal behavior stems from procedural violations rather than from selling products of conception. more »»

Environmental issues should be at top of the list

August 21, 2015 In environmental news, the Alpena News reported in its Friday, August 4, edition that American Process Inc. is suspending production at the Alpena Biorefinery. more »»

Concerned that flag is being flown improperly

August 15, 2015 My wife and I moved here 11 years ago after retirement. We go to a lot of the free concerts at the bandshell. more »»

Smigelski doing great job as airport manager

August 15, 2015 I would just like to applaud the efforts of Steve Smigelski since his appointment as Airport Manager here in Alpena. more »»

Don’t believe everything has a racist tone

August 15, 2015 Please help me understand the things with which I have difficulty. I understand the statement “black lives matter” to be a plea for compassion and civility. more »»

Commentary ignores coal’s pollution effect

August 15, 2015 In your Saturday commentary regarding coal/voting trends, I note not one word regarding the fact that the coal industry pollutes our air and water. The coal industry’s time has come and gone. more »»

City band has another successful concert season

August 15, 2015 The Alpena City Band has just wound up their concert season for 2015. more »»

We need to treat flag flying at harbor better

August 14, 2015 We have all admired her. She waves from the boat harbor with a grace befitting the symbol. One can see her from as far away as the hospital. Tourists take pictures and comment how beautiful she is. more »»

Help stop the state from closing DHHS office

August 14, 2015 People of Presque Isle County will suffer a great loss on Sept. 30, 2015, when the State Closes their Health and Human Services Office in Rogers City. more »»

The real foolish and ridiculousness of column

August 14, 2015 Dear Reader, did you see that sick article by Connie Schultz criticizing Marco Rubio for comparing the outrage over the dead lion with little outrage over Planned Parenthood's atrocities of... more »»



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