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Glad to see others seeking comforting view

October 1, 2016 It was refreshing to read the Letter to the Editor in the Alpena News on 9/10/16 by Barton Gray, referencing 2 Chronicles 7:14 (``If My people ... will humble themselves ... I will hear from heaven . more »»

August letter shouldn’t have been published

October 1, 2016 Very disappointed with the Aug. 25 Letter to the editor by Ian Carpon. It may be his opinion, but a simple fact checker would show that everything he said was completely false. more »»

Won’t support anyone who ridicules people

October 1, 2016 There are many issues swirling around this campaign but Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are getting most of the attentio. more »»

Editorial used wrong word for defibrillators

October 1, 2016 We the readers expect the only regional newspaper in NorthEastern Michigan to practice accurate journalism with careful investigation. more »»

Difficult to believe anything that Clinton says

September 24, 2016 Friedrich Nietzsche, the 19th century German philosopher, is credited with having written, "I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on, I can no longer believe you. more »»

Parker wrong in her column about BDS

September 24, 2016 Starr Parker's commentary on "the goal of BDS" accuses the movement of "anti-IsraeI bias" and suggests that "hate, destructiveness, and envy" on the part of people who "see success and want to... more »»

Two-way traffic affects motorists, pedestrians

September 24, 2016 In past articles of The Alpena News we have heard from many on how two-way traffic in the downtown will be for the best. more »»

We are to blame for the bacteria on foods

September 24, 2016 The FDA recently banned antibacterial additive to soaps; no company could show data that such additives kill bacteria on your skin. more »»

Make sure your flag is in good condition

September 21, 2016 Please, please, go out and check your flag. Is it in need of repair or replacement? I see so, so many flags flying that are badly frayed. I know they are out of sight flying high. more »»

Take longer look at what Johnson is about

September 21, 2016 Gary Earl Johnson is a businessman and the Libertarian Party nominee for president in the 2016 election. more »»

Proud to have Tunnel to Towers in Alpena

September 17, 2016 I would like to use this forum to voice my support and pride in the first-ever, upcoming Tunnels to Towers Run/Walk on Saturday, Sept. 24, in Alpen. more »»

Lots of questions about changing downtown

September 17, 2016 It seems that the downtown area is headed to two way streets, some questions and comments need to be address. more »»

Concerned about those supporting Allor

September 17, 2016 This election indicates that many are tired of the status quo in Lansing and Washington. We have representatives that don’t represent us and politicians who are bought by special interests. more »»

Disappointed with decision on two-way traffic

September 17, 2016 To the Editor, community, and city council of Alpena, I am disappointed to hear about the recent decision to turn the downtown area from one way to two way streets. more »»

Disappointed with mausoleum’s condition

September 10, 2016 Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the mausoleum at Evergreen Cemetery. I was shocked and dismayed to find the neglect within. more »»

Tell elected officials to support reform bill

September 10, 2016 The Senate needs to hear from you to support passage of a mental health Reform Bill. The US House of Representative has already passed a bi-partisan mental health bill 422-2. more »»

Time to keep an eye on people who ‘recycle’

September 10, 2016 This afternoon I dropped off my families recyclables-as I do every week. more »»

Call to repentance for our country’s healing

September 10, 2016 After nearly 44 years of legalized abortion in this nation and after legalizing same sex marriage this year, now we have the edict from our President directing our public schools to allow... more »»

It’s long past time to stop drivers from texting

September 3, 2016 When will law enforcement start going after the fools that text and drive? Tired of getting run off the road every time I go for a drive and it's not from drunk drivers. more »»

Don’t change one-way streets in downtown

September 3, 2016 I am writing in opposition to changing the traffic pattern from one way to two wa. more »»



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