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Time for Justice to quit dragging feet on Clinton

May 31, 2016 Often, it is true: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. In Hillary Clinton’s case, it is a four-alarm blaze. more »»

Memories of No. 1 kiln room

May 31, 2016 Back in the day you couldn’t see the sky for all the cement dust. It permeated your exposed pores and some that weren’t; your car only came clean of it with a muriatic acid bath. more »»

A symbolic fly-over for friendship

May 29, 2016 A formation of nine foreign warplanes making low passes over Washington, D.C., normally would be cause for enormous alarm. But not the other day. more »»

Battle over senior drivers heats up

May 29, 2016 Anybody remember the old TV butter commercial: It's not nice to fool Mother Nature? While in the political game the same rule applies and the Secretary of State's office violated it big time the... more »»

Numbers at airport need to improve

May 28, 2016 The good news is that after nearly three months, last week for the first time more than a handful of people boarded the 5:30 a.m. flight out of Alpena. more »»

Millennials hold key to 2016 election

May 28, 2016 They are the digital generation. They are skeptics and risk takers who value experiences over things. more »»

Another politican not saying what he means

May 28, 2016 I would respect politicians a lot more if they just said what they mean and owned it. A good example is the transgender bathroom debate. State Se. more »»

Memory bears provide comfort to families coping with loss

May 28, 2016 Sifting through the belongings of a loved one who has recently died can be overwhelming for a grieving family member, but the Hospice of Michigan Memory Bear program can help ease the pain. more »»

More than luck was needed to put out fire

May 27, 2016 “We lucked out.” Those were the words of Michigan Department of Natural Resources Forest Fire Officer Mark Hansen in describing this week’s forest fire in the Devil’s Lake area of Alpena Count. more »»

Pure Michigan: 10 years, going strong

May 27, 2016 In 2006, Travel Michigan quietly launched a new marketing campaign called Pure Michigan in a handful of markets outside of the state. more »»

Concealed pistol licensee responsibilities

May 26, 2016 This week’s question is about the responsibilities of individuals with a Concealed Pistol License during encounters with police. more »»

Someone needs to answer for staff errors

May 26, 2016 President Barack Obama’s administration is in a hurry to release thousands of drug offenders from prison before their original sentences have expired. more »»

Looking forward to time on water

May 25, 2016 There is no fool like an old fool, and this is part two of the story I began sharing last week. I have been associated with Alpena Youth Sailing Club since it’s inception. more »»

Don’t let Hanoi believe we will join any armed conflict it has with China

May 25, 2016 Instead of risking a confrontation with China himself, President Barack Obama has decided to let Vietnam do so over Beijing’s expansionism. more »»

No broken windows a good sign

May 24, 2016 Things in Alpena have never looked better. Spring is finally here (knock on wood – we’ve been fooled before!. more »»

Congress rights liberals’ wrong on WASPs

May 24, 2016 Members of the Women Airforce Service Pilots group who flew noncombat missions for the military during World War II deserve to be viewed as veterans. A 1977 federal law codified that. more »»

Most recent move by president won’t have desired effect

May 23, 2016 President Barack Obama has taken vote-buying for himself and his Democrat Party to a new high in politic. more »»

Cotter’s actions make you wonder

May 23, 2016 In the go-along-to-get-along world of the state capitol, the House GOP speaker is not a charter member. In fact there are some in town who think Rep. Kevin Cotter never read the book. more »»

Good luck and thank you Vernie, we’ll miss you

May 21, 2016 Today marks the final column of “Questions Anyone?” in The News. Alpena resident Vernie Nethercut has decided that the time is right to retire the column. more »»

A birthday for Alpena to celebrate

May 21, 2016 Alpena’s most well-known philanthropist, Jesse Besser, would have been 134 years old today. No one has given more of a legacy to Northeast Michigan over the years than he and his wif. more »»



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