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Kindness of strangers helped in time of need

October 28, 2016 While on our way into town Friday night three deer darted in front of our van. One made it across French Road, unfortunately the other two did not. We were not injured but the van was not drivable. more »»

Clearing up confusion about the same name

October 28, 2016 There seems to be some confusion on which Scott MacKenzie is running for township supervisor. I wish to clear it up. There are two Scott MacKenzies in our community but our name is spelled different. more »»

Emergency responders need to know of DNRs

October 25, 2016 I am replying to a reent article in your paper about the new defibrillators the city has placed in areas around tow. more »»

Campaign signs shouldn’t be in the rights-of-way

October 25, 2016 I was disappointed that Mr. more »»

Maybe a mixed ticket can run for president

October 22, 2016 Hopefully, in a future presidential election, a party nominee will think progressively and select as their running mate a candidate from the other party. more »»

Hopefully sexual assault awareness increases

October 22, 2016 One in five women report sexual assault. Report sexual assault. We all know that the vast majority of sexual assaults are never reported. more »»

Don’t approve HUNT millage in Alcona Co

October 22, 2016 It's time to disband HUNT. Our county commissioners want you to pay $100,000 in new taxes going to Alpena to support a narcotics task force that already has a $900,000 budget. more »»

Trump, Snyder give GOP new all-time low

October 22, 2016 Well, we have less than three before we vote on Nov. 8 and I can't understand how this presidential race can be so close. more »»

It’s our job to vote the right people into office

October 21, 2016 As a citizen we are once again faced with who and how they will run our government. We are the ones that now must choose what course we will take to deal everyone in. more »»

Our political system doesn’t work anymore

October 21, 2016 If this fiasco of a presidential race doesn't wake up our two so-called major political, nothing ever will. more »»

Vote for presidential candidate who supports life

October 20, 2016 This year's presidential election can be narrowed down to one word — lif. more »»

Editorial on Trump comments blames victims

October 20, 2016 What Neanderthal wrote the Oct. 12 Viewpoint editorial? He (or she) maintains that Donald Trump is being “slammed for talk.” Supposedly, there is no supporting evidence for “action.” Not so. more »»

Range Light Park is a must-see destination

October 19, 2016 Those looking for a spectacular view of Lake Huron during these wonderful autumn days should consider visiting Presque Isle Township's historic Range Light Park. more »»

Stay healthy this winter and get your flu shot

October 19, 2016 In an average year, 10 percent of the U.S. population will catch influenza, a severe respiratory illnes. more »»

Pastor said it best about what Trump didn’t do

October 18, 2016 Pastor Dalton Douglas shares some powerful thoughts concerning Trump. Try to keep this in mind. Trump did not steal your money. Trump did not raise your taxes. more »»

Don’t support HUNT millage in Alcona County

October 18, 2016 As anyone who listens to new knows. America is in the midst of an opiod/presription drug epidemic. Many states have recognized the problem isn't solved by arresting people. It is a health problem. more »»

Bill’s actions should affect Hillary’s campaign

October 17, 2016 Your viewpoint on Wednesday (Oct. 5) really surprised me. I can't understand why Bill Clinton "actions" should have any bearing on Hillary's campaign. more »»

Kennedy will be an advocate for our children

October 17, 2016 When my father was 10 years old, he was working in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. The mine owners found children profitable to pick coal in four feet mine shafts. more »»

Vote for McKenzie, Hess and Clinton ticket

October 15, 2016 If you want transparency, a fair and balanced decision on the water and sewer over charges, vote Scot McKenzie for township supervisor. more »»

Clinton wrong candidate for Democrats

October 15, 2016 The recent contest for the Democratic Presidential nomination wasn't a personality conflict. more »»

Kennedy right voice for Northeast Michigan

October 15, 2016 Let’s face it, Northeast Michigan has been short-changed by Lansing over the years and we’ve paid dearly for it. more »»



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Art appreciation 101

Kat V finding renewed life

August 29, 2016 Progress, though it can crawl along at the proverbial snail's pace, often proves worth it in the end. more »

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