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Unwanted late night wake-up calls

July 11, 2013 - Steve Murch
Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's just my neighborhood's turn, but Holy Stinkbomb Batman there sure seem to be more skunks around than in years past. Nearly every night driving home the past month or so I've driven near the distinct aroma of skunk, and the last few nights they've definitely been close to home late at night.

There's probably not many non-life threatening things worse to wake up to suddenly that the smell of a skunk.

I like to sleep with the windows open during the summer because — I'm not a big fan of air conditioning that runs constantly; my house holds heat quite well; it's not that warm at night and there's usually a breeze; and I like fresh air. Well the last few nights the stench has been so strong — and the breeze has been blowing just right — that I've had to close my windows in order to sleep.

I'm not sure if they are rooting around my yard or they are just pungent enough and close enough to make it too strong to bear, but I'm at the point I want to do something about it. I had a close enough call with a live trap and skunk one time that I'm sure this time I'd get sprayed, which isn't an option I care much for. Shooting them isn't an option since firing a weapon in the city limits is frowned upon.

So what other options are there? Seriously, I'm asking. I don't want to do anything that would poison them because I'd still have to handle the smelly things, which is about as bad as getting sprayed.

Maybe they'll move (and I'm working under the assumption there is more than one since the smell is so strong) to a new neighborhood soon since they were several blocks away just a few weeks ago. If that's the case it'll be back to normal. I just wish normal would return sooner because I'd like to keep the windows open.


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