Media has a long road to regain our trust

The Jan. 8 Alpena News contained a column by Marc Theissen, ‘How the Media Squandered Americans’ Trust’. The column listed many examples of media malfeasance which Theissen called real and lasting.

The media relies on the 1st Amendment to cover and disseminate news. The media is supposed to be objective and keep us, the people, informed as to what our government and it’s officials are doing, not to act as a cheerleader and mouthpiece for government propaganda.

The media was complicit in hiding from the public Joe Biden’s mental condition and ability, his corruption while in office, and his family’s corruption and grift. Biden’s election was only possible because: 1) the voting public was not provided the information they needed to make a wise choice. 2) Fraud. Media failed to seriously investigate reports of voter fraud and unlawful voting regulation changes. Instead of investigating they were front and center in hiding it. Biden is a man who cannot speak understandably, is frequently confused, doesn’t know where he is half the time, needs handlers (puppeteers), will not answer questions, and who only campaigned from his basement. He should not have been elected. Shame on all of those who actually did vote for this clown. Our enemies know he is weak and will take advantage of that. We see it. Our country is and will continue to suffer under Biden and his acolytes bent on destroying it.

The media coverage of the ‘mostly peaceful’ BLM riots and the Jan. 6, 2021 demonstration is markedly different. If the media is complicit in facilitating and protecting another shady election, the ‘insurrection’ of 2021 will unfortunately look like a picnic and the media will own it. Media has a long road to regain our trust and I have my doubts they want to.


Rogers City


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