Thank you for the article on ginkgo’s survival

The Alpena News on Aug. 25 printed an article, “Fossil leaves may reveal climate in last era of dinosaurs”, regarding ginkgo trees being a unique time capsule, the ONLY “living fossil” that thrived the period of dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago.

A book we have at home gives credit to monasteries in Eastern China, where ginkgo was saved from extinction. The unique tree was sacred to the Buddhist religion.

We moved to Alpena in 2003 and soon became customers at Netta’s in Posen for our landscaping needs. We ordered ginkgo biloba but with other pressing issues of our move, our neglect of the ginkgo nearly killed it. Netta’s husband, Dennis, gave advice, which resulted in survival of the tree. We were also told of several ginkgos which were reportedly doing well in Ossineke.

Anything surviving the time capsule of dinosaurs or our human destructiveness to environmental concerns deserves attention! Thank you for the article!




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