In 2020, Joe Biden voters’ remorse, anyone?

Democratic voters, if you’re not remorseful about voting Joe Biden for president, please tell me what you’re proud of in your choice. Is it the fact that the press, social media, big finance, big business, big tech, the intelligence community, the Justice Department, unscrupulous Democratic bureaucrats, cities, states, Hollywood, China and Iran all wanted a pliable, feckless Joe in the White House and were complicit in getting him there? Or is it the fact that he is compromised by corruption, absent of any significant accomplishments, capitulating to the radical left in his diverse, rather than meritorious, administration?

Or, perhaps, it’s his upcoming attempt to savage the Constitution, our freedoms, our institutions and traditions, our sovereignty, our military strength, and the slow devolution of our free market economy?

To my Democratic friends and acquaintances: I don’t blame you for this state of affairs, but I’m saddened by the fact that someone as smart as you are was duped into drinking the Kool-Aid that liberal activists, the press, and social media were pouring in copious quantities. Have a cup of coffee and snap out of the delusion that Donald Trump was so bad that you had no choice. Try to make the case for that if you can.

But don’t forget that Trump was a businessman who took no money from big business, big finance, big tech, and beholding to no one. He did what he told the people he would do. He gave us the lowest unemployment numbers for a broad spectrum of Americans in decades. He lowered the poverty level and increased wages and home ownership. Much of this was done by putting America first and bringing jobs back to the U.S. through making our trade deals fair. His foreign policy successes are too numerous to mention.




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