Trump has not risen to stature of his office

When Donald Trump was elected I was disappointed, but thought the awesome stature of the office would lead him to rise to the occasion. An honor bestowed on so few had been made his. But quickly I realized that my thinking was flawed by his obsession with the size of the inaugural audience.

The elusive truth is under constant siege. He is showing us that winning justifies any means: fairness and decency are not a part of the equation. Up until a few months ago Mr. Trump was on course in his desire to have a chance to remain a winner. The strong economy he inherited continued as the major linchpin. Then there came the cataclysmic convergence of two events: the pandemic and a horrific racial injustice with the murder of George Floyd. In the past our country has had the good fortune of having presidents who have risen to meet catastrophes head on and to lead. But this occupant of the White House is not in that company. Instead he claims no responsibility, constantly seeks scapegoats and stokes the fires of fear and racism, pitting us one against the other.

Early in his term my feelings were: embarrassment (for our country), sadness and exhaustion. Now his gross incompetence, narcissism and meanness of spirit have become a grim reality of life and death, of hate versus love. In the coming election more than our democracy is at stake. We must have faith in our goodness and love for one another and our country. Each of us has the right to make a choice. Everyone needs to vote to honor the many who have given their all to afford us that right. Yes, the truth will set us free, but unfortunately not until it’s finished with us.




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