United we will stand, divided we will fall

“United” States stand! Again we are hit between the eyes (with truth) from our government leaders. This is true divisive tactics against a democratic branch of government. The president (I think) had a room full of Republicans (dividing) and was pointing out that they (do his dirty work) should “be tough” on Democrats that weren’t present. Where the hell is the “unity” of bringing this great country together? “We had a great meeting-all the Republican Senators were there,” Trump told reporters. I thought we also had Democrats/Independents working for us? “He (Trump) admonished all of us to be tough, fight back.” Senator John Cornyn R-Texas. This only shows hate and division America. Speaking about a new stimulus bill, Mitch McConnell-Majority Leader, Republican from Kentucky, “We need to assess what we’ve already done, (gave to big businesses where most have a stock in them) take a look at what worked (gave to big businesses) and what didn’t”, (gave a mere pittance to the serfs of this country but government leaders still got paid.) “We’ll discuss the way forward (if it benefits our interests) in the next couple of weeks. The United States people are suffering from lack of food, paying bills and going out because this inept administration does not know how to handle pandemics; only (not good at that) businesses. Sure McConnell thinks states should file bankruptcy isn’t that what the president has done throughout his life? When are we going to look at each “other” and stop the nonsensical acts of being at one “another’s” throats? We’ll slip-slide away into an abyss where it will take years to gain success again. We are divided over love, kindness, intelligence and other negative factors. Uncover the lid in Washington and check out the swamp that is living in the fetid water.




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