Women’s Health Unit took good care of family

I would like to use this space to brag about the amazing experience I had bringing my daughter, Molli, into this world at the Alpena Women’s Health Unit at MidMichigan Medical Center-Alpena this past June.

From the doctor to the CRNA to the nurses to those who cleaned our room, I can’t express how grateful my husband, family, and I are to have been given such an amazing experience by all during such a wonderful time in our lives. I feel the need to brag about the specific care that we received from two registered nurses: Emily Pratt and Mary Daleski. That care that those two provided during my personal journey is nothing short of something that I will bring about for the rest of my life.

I write this letter in hopes of spreading the positive light on our local Women’s Health Unit, as well as to shed light on two amazing women who made sure my experience was nothing short of everything that it should be.





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