Trump not exonerated because not charged

One must wonder why The Alpena News embarrassed itself with the headline recently stating that President Donald Trump was not “exonerated.” There is, of course, no such thing. The task of a prosecutor is to examine evidence and to determine whether an indictment is in order. If it is not, he keeps his mouth shut. Unless a person is convicted of a crime, he is innocent. Yes, everyone is innocent unless convicted of a crime. An innocent person cannot be exonerated. Just imagine if a prosecutor could find no evidence of a crime, but decided that he should punish the accused anyway, and called him a jerk, said that he was cheating on his wife, that he wasn’t a good father, etc. Well that is just the kind of thing that Robert Mueller did to President Trump in his idiotic statement that he could “not exonerate” the president. It is not in the purview of prosecutors doing an investigation to exonerate or not exonerate anybody.




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