Remember responsibility of pet ownership

On July 18, my granddaughter was brutally attacked by a neighborhood dog.

She received several injuries, with the most severe being the partial loss of her left ear. This unlicensed, un-vaccinated dog attacked her without provocation. Due to ongoing investigation I am unable to give further details.

My question is, why are there even laws on the books that seemingly cannot be truly enforced? Why does it take a tragedy of this magnitude before anything ever gets done? How many times have we gone to public parks and have seen people allow their animals to run free without thought or concern for their fellow citizens? Even dogs without history of violence can turn and bite someone. As domesticated as they may be, they are still animals with animal instincts.

I am also a dog owner and animal lover. However, I realize that I have no right to allow my animals to be either a nuisance or threat to my neighbors, their property or their pets. I have walked in my own neighborhood as recently as today and saw the same animals that I have reported to Animal Control a few times continue to run free. I remember a time when people took responsibility for themselves and their pets, when we didn’t need laws to tell us right from wrong, but simply did the right thing because it was the right thing to do. It would seem these days that everyone is entitled but no one is responsible. What is it going to take? The death of a child before some real changes take place? What if it was your grandchild? Because it was almost mine.




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