Opposed to rezoning old Kmart property

I am opposed to rezoning the former Kmart Property from B-3 to light industrial. For eight years, I was on the Planning and Zoning Commission and am concerned with the long-range implications if this were rezoned to I-1.

Here are my primary concerns:

1. This area abuts a wetland, is contiguous to lowland, a stream, and Lake Huron. Cattails grow in a ditch directly behind the B-3 property. The water table is more than likely to rise even farther with ongoing weather change. The activities allowed under I-1 include those that pose inherent environmental pollution by their very nature. Just as Kmart did not stay forever, businesses move, close, etc. but all the allowed activities in I-1 remain for the long run.

2. It is adjacent to a dense residential area.

3. U.S.-23 South follows a scenic route up the coastline, across beautiful Squaw Bay at the 45th Parallel, with bird watchers enjoying eagle and heron sightings, fishing, and photography. The route commences into the city past many improvements that make this entrance attractive and inviting for citizens and tourists.

4. This property has great potential: movie theater, school, retail establishment, art center, etc. Rezoning to light industrial will waste a golden location and only magnify the past spot zonings the township Planning Commission is trying to alleviate.

I am not against the proposed activity but hope the township denies this spot rezoning that citizens will have to live with for a long time; and I hope the township can assist them in finding a more suitable location until they can build a brand new facility in our Industrial Park which is on higher ground and a most appropriate location for the allowed activities under I-1.

Alpena Township Offices 8-12-19, 7pm. Case P-04-19.




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