Letter maligns everything country stands for

Well, Ms. Medland is at it again with her anti-President Donald Trump diatribe. Please, Carolyn, recognize that all issues/problems in this country cannot be attributed solely to President Trump. This country of immigrants has specific laws dealing with immigration, which have served this country well for many years. The mess at our southern border is caused by a massive number of people trying to circumvent our laws. Blaming our border security personnel for the tragic deaths of some children dying of disease while in custody is doing a great disservice to the men and women there who are doing their best while being totally overwhelmed by the number of illegal aliens.

As for this country “where only white, straight, Christian males are full citizens,” this must come as a huge surprise to the many people of color and females who enjoy citizenship in this great country of ours. If you were implying that everyone else is second class citizen than you are maligning everything this country stands for.

Finally, do you really believe that the rest of the world “hate us enough to strap on a bomb and come and kill us” because of our immigration laws?

By the way, I’m a naturalized citizen who came here legally during a time when our immigration laws were strictly enforced. Immigrants had to pass strict health inspections and were not eligible for any federal assistance. Yet there were no terrorists strapping on bombs as a result at that time.


Black River


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