AP saw different Mueller hearing than us

Apparently the three Associated Press reporters that had their names on the byline for The Alpena News headline article in the July 25 edition watched different hearings with Robert Mueller than I and others watched on July 24. They reinforced what I’ve been saying for some time now, that the AP is biased and the News is complicit. You did your readers that did not have the time to watch the hearings a great disservice by publishing that article.

Mueller was a disaster. He showed he was incompetent and nothing but a figurehead in this whole fiasco. He clearly did not write the 484-page report that was published under his name. He is a fraud that collected pay under false pretenses. His cabal of Democratic lawyers led by hatchet man Andrew Weissmann wrote the report. Mueller had to be continually steered to relevant parts of the report by the inquiring congressmen. For God’s sake he didn’t even know what role Fusion GPS played in all of this or what it was! He stated he did not inquire about the obvious conflicts of interest his staff had, which included one attending Hillary’s expected “coronation” and another being Clinton’s personal lawyer. Judicial Watch through a FOIA request found that Weissmann did the hiring. Mueller continually deflected relevant questions with “that’s not in my purview,” referred questioners to his report because he couldn’t verbalize an answer, or said he “can’t or won’t get into that” in response to inquiries that were clearly relevant to the hearings.

Editor Justin Hinkley better take the reins of his newspaper and exercise some editorial oversight or it soon will be worth nothing but fish wrapper material, but it’s already getting so thin it is hardly fit for that too.


Rogers City


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