Vote yes on library millage renewal Aug. 6

I urge everyone to vote yes on the library millage RENEWAL election Aug. 6. If passed, this 0.25-mill levy will enable our library to continue the excellent services that now exist, plus create a safer public space and improved accessibility for patrons. The renewal will help pay for a humidity controlled environment that will protect historical volumes and computers used by many card holders. The renewal will also be used to remove asbestos, a known cancer cause. I myself often use computer services that would be costly if I hired a private provider. I also use the library to check out many books, to read magazines I don’t order at home, and to download audio books. By using library services, I certainly save more than the average $12 per year the renewal would cost me!

This is a renewal, not new tax, and is needed to continue to improve our library. It is the same amount of money you are paying right now, not any more. Please join me in voting yes to support our outstanding community library.


Alpena Township