Diseases are crossing the southern border, too

After viewing the aftermath of the Washington circus, and now the Chicago matter of Smollett, I will never again mock these governmental banana republics around the world! I wouldn’t blame the police if they walked off their jobs. There was probably less crime and disorder when the late Al Capone ruled Chicago!

Now, on a much more serious matter, I was listening to the Sean Hannity radio program recently and a woman was upset that the diseases like measles were on a comeback. She doesn’t know they have been imported! The March publication “Verdict,” by Judicial Watch, clearly points out that illegal immigrants are carrying illnesses like measles, tuberculosis, influenza, parasites, etc. The past TB outbreak in Disneyland came from children that were dumped along the border, only to be picked up by the “do-gooders” and given a grand tour of Los Angeles and Disneyland, compliments of the taxpayers. Where else did it come from? Why is NBC “Nightly News” showing the epidemic of measles in many states but won’t tell you where it came from? The late Paul Harvey said we are the only country that imports poverty and disease. You can add crime.

A ballot proposal was passed long ago in California rejecting public funds to illegal aliens, only to be declared unconstitutional by a federal judge. The explanation was the constitution states only the federal government decides the fate of immigration. Fine, no argument here, but groups like religious organizations, immune from the laws, get paid to assist and place illegals all around the country at the expense of the taxpayer.

I still have respect for President Donald Trump, but I feel he has very bad advisers, and is mellowing. He has full authority to enforce the law on these law-breakers creating sanctuary cities, and should prosecute them immediately.