Agree, was disappointed in hospital response

I was prompted to write this letter in response to Joseph Houle’s letter of Oct. 27, “Disappointed in lack of emergency doctors.”

I took my husband to the emergency department at the hospital a few weeks ago with a laceration of his hand. I thought, “Oh, good,” only two people waiting. After hours of waiting and watching 25 people walk in and out after being treated, I asked the receptionist why it was taking so long. She said, “The nurses make the priorities.” One patient came in to get stitches removed. After 40 more minutes, we walked out.

Months before, I took my 80-year-old husband to the ER for severe pain in his back. An ER doctor decided it was his heart. He was kept overnight and received several cardiac tests and procedures. The next day, he was booked for a stress test. A cardiologist came into the room and, within three minutes, the cardiologist said, “There is nothing wrong with your heart. You have shingles.” We found out that the doctor who cared for my husband in ER and the next day was a hospitalist and a pediatrician.

Approximately the same time, my son went into the emergency department and waited five-and-a-half hours before being seen. I guess I should clarify this. He and my husband as well were seen by a nurse within 15 minutes to have their vital signs checked and then sent to the waiting rooms. Even my husband’s temperature was checked for his hand injury.

There was an article in the Alpena News some time ago stating, update — less waiting time now in our emergency department at Alpena hospital.

I agree with Joseph Houle. Disappointed!!


Black River


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