Let your voice be heard about Plaza Pool

Plaza Pool is too important of an asset to let slip away.

Those who agree need to rally together to (a) help figure a way financially to help keep it open and (b) market the pool and its importance from one end of Alpena County to the other.

In a region blessed with water as its most precious natural resource, it is imperative that residents who live here know how to swim. To us, that is one of the biggest reasons to keep the pool open. We need a place where people of all ages can come and learn how to swim. Imagine if the pool were not there and youth no longer had an opportunity to participate in swimming lessons other than in the bodies of water that dot the region.

Obviously lessons in area lakes, rivers and streams would be limited to a short window of opportunity, and even then would be challenging with waves, water temperature and currents.

We’ve always viewed the pool as sort of an insurance policy that exists for area residents to take advantage of. We’ve appreciated the Ready, Set, Swim program that area youth have been able to participate in over the years as they learn swimming fundamentals.

If you agree that Plaza Pool needs preserved, now is the time to do something about it. Let your voice be heard. Volunteer your service. Take advantage of pool programs.

Be the ripple in the water that soon spreads to all sides of the pool.



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