Getting to know the newsroom staff

No, none of us wear a “S” on our chests.

We don’t have a cape, fly through the sky or have an aversion to kryptonite.

We aren’t Superman or Superwoman. We aren’t Clark Kent nor do we work at the Daily Planet.

We are just normal folks who have normal hobbies. We are your neighbors, and we — like you, love to call Northeast Michigan home.

This week The Alpena News began a series of ads highlighting the editorial staff who write the news for you each day. You read their names each day and with this series of ads, we thought we’d share their photos and hobbies with you as well.

Our writers aren’t robots using algorithms to blend statistics into words and reports. They are real people with feelings and emotions. They are story tellers and modern day historians, documenting life as we know it for generations yet to be born.

We believe it was not by coincidence that these men and women work together as a team to bring you all the news of Northeast Michigan each day. Their skills complement each other to the point where at times, one might jump in and complete the sentence of another.

In our mind, they are the “best of the best.”

Just as reporters have for 120 years in Northeast Michigan, this team is working hard to bring you their best each and every day.

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