Township being deliberate with blight rules

After initially approving a set of regulations and rules dealing with blight and property inspections that riled their constituents, members of the Alpena Township Board of Trustees are being exceptionally deliberate in updating the rules to make sure they get things exactly right.

We applaud their effort.

Some background: In December, the township approved Ordinance No. 135, dealing with blight. But many township residents and business owners were displeased, with nearly 200 packing a township meeting to voice their distaste for the rules many worried might stifle home sales.

In response, the township formed a committee of township officials and residents to recraft the rules, and ended up breaking the new regulations into three ordinances.

The committee took its time: It wasn’t until Tuesday that two of the three new ordinances were set for final OK –with no public outcry –and the third ordinance, dealing with rental inspections, was sent back to the drawing board once more to make sure all I’s were dotteed, all T’s were crossed.

The township acted. The people spoke. The township listened and took residents’ concerns to heart to craft a new set of rules.

That is good government 101.

Keep up the good work, township leaders.