Happy Father’s Day, dads!

We wish all Northeast Michigan fathers a special day tomorrow.

On this Father’s Day weekend 2019, we share with readers eight facts on fathers the Pew Research Center recently released. The facts provide a glimpse into the role of fatherhood at this time in the U.S.:

1) More and more fathers have become stay-at-home dads and are caring for their families.

2) Fatherhood is a positive experience and central to a dad’s identity.

3) For many families, balancing work and family is a challenge.

4) Americans see different pressure points for men and women. For instance, Americans believe there is a lot more pressure on men to return to their jobs after the birth or adoption of a child than on women.

5) There are many more dual-income families in the U.S. today than ever before.

6) For both moms and dads, there is much more time spent on child care.

7) When it comes to caregiving, mothers and fathers are viewed differently. Mothers, rather than fathers, are generally seen as the main caregivers in families.

8) About six in 10 dads say they spend too little time with their children. The men indicated work often gets in the way of time spent with their children.

We believe most men, when confronted with fatherhood, embrace the experience. For those fathers who have stepped up to the plate and provide the leadership and example their children look up to each day, we wish you all the best Sunday.

Happy Father’s Day!