Alpena football team donates time, $500 check to Boys and Girls Club of Alpena

News Photo by Jonny Zawacki Members of the Alpena High School varsity football team and coach Eric Mitchell present a $500 check to Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena Brad Somers on behalf of the Wildcat football program.

ALPENA — The Alpena High football team played its final game of the 2021 season last Friday, but the Wildcats are still making plays off the field.

On Wednesday, Alpena varsity football coach Eric Mitchell and members of his team spent time at the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena, interacting with club members and presented a $500 check to Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena Brad Somers in an ongoing partnership with Doug Field of Vulcan Systems as part of the annual Vulcan Systems Player of the Game sponsored by Field in each broadcast of the Alpena Wildcat football games on 107.7 The Bay during the True North Radio Network live broadcast.

“Like any other non-profit, we run on donations and it means a lot for us to say that we had a high school football team donate funds to our organization. We celebrate every person that takes time out of their day, cuts a check or donates something to our organization to help us continue our success and keep us doing what we’re doing,” Somers said. “It’s really special when we have young people make donations that positively impact and affect other young adults. It’s very special and we as an entire organization are so thankful to continue seeing teams, coaches and players make such a positive impact not just for our organization, but for the community and especially the kids here as well.”

In April, members of the Alpena High hockey team spent time with club members and presented a check of $500 to Somers.

Wednesday, the tradition continued as Mitchell and his players spent time throwing footballs, shooting hoops, interacting, and donating their free time to inspire club members, while making another donation.

“It’s incredibly special for us to see kids that were here taking advantage of our services at an early age now give back and understand how a community works. Being able to see kids learn leadership skills and bring it back full circle to our organization to give and see the importance of inspiring kids is so special,” Somers said. “We’ve been fortunate to have athletes come in and spend time with our kids and it’s been eye-opening for the kids here at the club to see a high school athlete come in here to donate their time, provide a service or just have fun with them is incredible because it shows why participating in sports, doing well in school and having a goal is so important. We have a lot of athletes that come in here with different backgrounds, but at the end of the day, they’re all leaders and it’s important and inspiring to everyone to see them come here and do this.”

Wednesday’s visit from members of the Alpena football program was special as a few of the members of the football team spent time during their younger years at the Club and Somers remembers the athletes as children coming to the club.

Those once young members are now senior athletes and role models, trying to inspire younger children to follow the same dreams and make the same difference that these Wildcats are now.

“We have a few kids that literally grew up here. It’s great to give back to athletics, but it’s great to give back to future athletes. We look at this as a great opportunity for our kids to spend time at and make a difference,” Mitchell said. “It gives you chills to see some of our athletes end their career kind of where it started right here at the Boys and Girls Club. For us, we are always looking for ways to help out and give back and doing so here is a great way. A huge thanks to Doug (Field) for all of his support and we appreciate the opportunity to be a partner with him and give back. This is big for our football program and big for the future Wildcats here at the Boys and Girls Club and we’re happy to make a positive impact.”


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