Alpena resident credentialed in play therapy

Alpena counselor Dawn Waters has earned the Association for Play Therapy’s Registered Play Therapist, the association said in a news release.

Credentialed play therapists must have earned a master’s or higher mental health degree and finished 150 hours of play therapy training, two years and 2,000 hours of clinical experience, and 500 hours of supervised play therapy experience.

Play therapy is a tool for communicating with children and others.

Renewable energy installations up 57%

The 2018 Distributed Generation and Legacy Net Metering Programs Report found that the number of projects grew to 5,379 installations in 2018, up from 3,427 in 2017, a 57% increase, the Michigan Public Service Commission said.

The number of customers participating in the program increased to 5,219 in 2018, up more than 59% from 2017.

By the end of 2018, the total capacity of the installations was approximately 43,481 kilowatts. While that’s a 47% increase year over year, legacy net metering projects remain a small portion of Michigan’s total retail electricity sales, at .0048%, the state said.

The legacy net metering program allows customers to generate their own electricity, mainly through solar and wind projects, to reduce their energy needs or electric bills.


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