Meyers, Annala turn in low scores at Marquette County Jr. Golf tourneys

By Journal Sports Staff
CHAMPION — Holden Meyers turned in the only sub-30 score among the boys and girls five-hole competitors at the Marquette County Junior Golf Association tournament held at Wawonowin Country Club on Monday.
Meyers shot 28 to win the first flight of the boys division.
Boys and girls were both shooting at 150 yards.
Here are the top three finishers in each fligh that dayt:
Boys — First flight: Holden Meyers 28, Trent Lorens 32, Eli Nutini 35; Second: William Niemi 31, Seve Swanson 32, Eikijah Manis 35; Third: Connor Munson 30, Jack Tiziani 33, Pat Byman 34; Fourth: Cadan Ritari 30, Taylor Manis 34, Easton Bal 37; Fifth: Bodi Bennett 41, Jackson Rasmussen 40, Lee Byman 43; Sixth: Jack Keough 34, Luc Cambensy 38, Grant Columb 47
Girls — First flight: Alexis L’Hillier 31, Giovanna Ghiardi 31, Olivia Stade 35; Second: Delanie Rhoades 42, Victoria Turausky 43, Siena Goodney 45; Third: Emma Arbelius 48, Taylor Lorens 48, Brooklyn Columb 51

9-Hole event on July 17
Tanner Annala scored the low round of the day with 40 during the Marquette County Junior Golf Association nine-hole tournament held at Wawonowin Country Club in Champion on July 17.
Annala took honors in the first flight of the boys 250-yard division, winning by seven strokes.
Here are the top finishers in each division:
White Division — First flight: Ethan Sellers 42, Jacob Ennett 45, Matt Anderson 46. Second: Tyler Annala 42, Reese Sheldon 66.
Red Division — First flight: Owen Riipi 43, Austin Ridl 52, Jace Moore 52. Second: Brett LaBelle 50, Logan Peterson 54, Jake Garrow 58.
250-yard Division — First flight: Tanner Annala 40, Boden Moore 47, Dawson Erva 52. Second: Max Churack 55, Connor Stade 55, Kyle Moyer 58. Third: Luke Menard 56. Fourth: Keaton Ansell 66, Bryce Francisco 75.
Red Division — First flight: Allison Ennett 48, Morgan Rhoades 48, Annika Tervo 58.
200-yard Division — First flight: Abby Luke 53, Romy Kus 70, Hannah Ruuska 78.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@