Roznowski throws back-to-back 300s at Thunder Bowl Lanes

Courtesy Photo Wally Roznowski recently threw back-to-back 300 games as part of an 820 series at Thunder Bowl Lanes last Sunday during the minor mixed league. Roznowski’s back-to-back 300s are believed to be the first time a bowler has thrown consecutive 300 games at Thunder Bowl Lanes.

Wally Roznowski has bowled his fair share of big games.

But last Sunday, Roznowski had a day on the lanes he won’t soon forget as he bowled back-to-back 300 games and finished with an 820 series.

Not only were the 300 games the first of Roznowski’s career and the series his personal best, they carried further significance. Roznowski’s back-to-back perfect games mark the first time that feat has been accomplished at Thunder Bowl Lanes and his 820 series set a new record at Thunder Bowl Lanes for this season.

“It’s a crazy feeling because to know how many good bowlers there (are) out there and to be with that group of people, you feel like you’re on top of the world, I’ll tell you that,” Roznowski said.

Roznowski has been bowling for 21 years and started out bowling at Nautical Lanes in Rogers City. Bowling with his wife Renee last Sunday in Thunder Bowl Lanes’ minor mixed league, Roznowski started off strong and eventually settled in, bowling one strike after another. Around the eighth frame of the first game, Roznowski began to realize he was on a hot streak and had to calm his nerves as he kept bowling.

A few years ago, Roznowski bowled a 290 in Sault Ste. Marie, but as he got closer to bowling a 300 game, a bit of pressure set in.

“Around the eighth frame I got pretty nervous, but I kept it together,” Roznowski said. “The ninth frame, it was a good strike. The first ball of the 10th (frame) was a little shaky, but the next two were perfect.”

Roznowski’s final shot started on the right side of the lane and hooked left to strike the 1 and 3 pins for the final strike. Roznowski paused just briefly to watch the 7 pin (the pin farthest to the left) topple over and turned back to his group, letting out a loud cheer of ‘Woooo’ as he pumped his fists. His perfect game drew loud cheers and a good deal of handshakes and high fives from his partners and those around him.

“People shaking hands and hugging, pretty cool. The excitement was amazing,” Roznowski said. “Basically through the first 300, everything was going smooth. I got done with that one and of course there was tons of excitement.

Roznowski was happy to share in the accomplishment with his wife, who he said is very supportive of his love of bowling.

“She bowls because I like to bowl. It’s not her gig, but she bowls because she knows I like to bowl,” Roznowski said.

Riding the momentum from his first ever 300 game, Roznowski repeated the feat again in his next game before finishing with an 820 series.

“The second one, I don’t even know how to explain that one but it also went very smooth for me. The crowd was just amazing,” Roznowski said. “The second game was easier as far as knowing what I had to do.”