North Star League announces fall sports honors

The North Star League recently announced its all-league teams for the 2017 fall sports season.


After winning its first district title, the Alcona football team had several players selected to the all-league teams.

The teams selected were as follows:


Running Back–1st team: Caine Hunt, Hillman; Tim Hutchinson, Alcona; Ridge Schutte, Whittemore Prescott; 2nd team: Jack Hutchinson, Alcona; Billy Kolcan, Hilllman; Ryan Schwiderson, Au Gres; Honorable Mention: Seth Findlay, W-P.

Quarterback–1st team: Kyle Colton, W-P; Caiden Zeien, Au Gres; 2nd team: Alex Stephenson, Alcona; Honorable Mention: Nathan Nagel, Oscoda; Kyler Moir, Hillman.

Receivers/Ends–1st team: Grant Huebel, Oscoda; Matt Hunt, Hillman; Trevor Jamroz, Au Gres; 2nd team: Bobby Maxwell, W-P; Haden Moore, Mio; Honorable Mention: Michael Eagan, W-P; Travis Lamrock, Oscoda; Luke Loyer, Alcona; Jared Saunders, Au Gres; Damion Stewart, Alcona; Dana Thorson, W-P.

Linemen–1st Team: Kamryn Gordon, Au Gres; Devon Mills, Alcona; Charlie Prescott, W-P; Jacob Schott, Alcona; Kam Wheeler, Oscoda; 2nd team: Wyatt Barrie, Hillman; Jacob Condor, Oscoda; Gabe Cordes, Hillman; Christian Kamischke, Alcona; Cody Schram, Alcona; Honorable Mention: Ramsey Forton, Au Gres; Jordan Lanning, W-P; Jacob Scott, W-P; Owen Smock, Au Gres.


Linemen–1st team: Jaden Bartz, Alcona; Kamryn Gordon, Au Gres; Caine Hunt, Hillman; Charlie Prescott, W-P; Kam Wheeler, Oscoda; 2nd team: Jacob Condor, Oscoda; Danny Jones, Alcona; Christian Kamischke, Alcona; Jacob Schott, Alcona; Honorable Mention: Cameron Hartwick, Au Gres; Jordan Lanning, W-P; Tommy Mayes, Alcona.

Linebacker–1st team: Ramsey Forton, Au Gres; Matt Hunt, Hillman; Devon Mills, Alcona; Ridge Schutte, W-P; 2nd team: Jack Hutchinson, Alcona; Travis Lamrock, Oscoda; Cody Schram, Alcona; Honorable Mention: Braeden Barnes, Oscoda; Seth Findlay, W-P; Tim Hutchinson, Alcona; Bobby Maxwell, W-P.

Secondary–1st team: Grant Huebel, Oscoda; Trevor Jamroz, Au Gres; Billy Kolcan, Hillman; Caden Zeien, Au Gres; 2nd team: Kyle Colton, W-P; Nathan Nagel, Oscoda; Alex Stephenson, Alcona; Damion Stewart, Alcona; Honorable Mention: Michael Eagan, W-P; Nash Steinke, Hillman; Dana Thorson, W-P; Ian Travis, Alcona.

Special Teams–1st team: Clyde Whitney, Oscoda; Tanner Harrison, W-P; 2nd team: Anton Schulze, Hillman.


After another solid year, which saw several individual records set, the Alcona soccer team dominated the all-league teams.

Jordan Steiner, Josh Kilborn and Elliot Dubuque were all named to the first-team offense and Alex Harmon and Matthew Warner were named to the first team defense. After setting the national record for career saves, Connor McCoy was named first-team keeper.

The rest of the first team offense was Oscoda’s Anthony Mendez and Caleb Watson and Whittemore-Prescott’s Josh Green.

Oscoda’s Joel Livvix and Whittemore’s Joey Bicoll joined the first team defense.

The second team offense consisted of Alcona’s Brett Nelson, Oscoda’s Darius Felton and Gabe Kellstorm and Whittemore’s Rachel Swanson. The second team defense selected was Fairview’s Josh Esch and Alcona’s Justin Smigelski.

Whittemore’s Jacob Green was named second team keeper.

Alcona’s Aidan Wrobel, Oscoda’s Zach Stepp, Whittemore’s Karagen Koch and Fairview’s Isaiah Ford earned honorable mentions.


After a run to the Class D semifinals, Rogers City had several all-league selections.

Taylor Fleming and Kayla Rabeau earned first team honors for the Hurons, Jayna Hance earned second team honors and Hannah Fleming earned an honorable mention.

The rest of the first team selected was Oscoda’s Lauren Langley, Alcona’s Taylor Livingston, Hillman’s Kristen Kenyon, Whittemore’s Caitlin Liddell, Posen’s Cami LaTulip and Hale’s Taylor Pelton.

The players selected for the second team were: Alcona’s Lilly Sager, Mio’s Mackenzie Nelson, Hillman’s Lyndsey Ryba, Au Gres’ Kaitlyn Tuttle and Posen’s Brooke Ciarkowski.

Players earning an honorable mention were: Fairview’s Lauren Krupinski, Hale’s Morgan Vance, Posen’s Faith Romel, Whittemore’s Marissa Schmidt, Hillman’s Alison Samp, Au Gres’ Gina DeWald, Mio’s Kaycie Marble, Oscoda’s Lauren D’Annunzio and Alcona’s Janelle Carpenter.


After winning league championships, the Hale boys and Rogers City girls cross country teams led the all-league selections.

The first team boys selections were Hale’s Trevor Banny, Ethan Cage and Joseph Kimmerer, Fairview’s Tylor Ross and Andrew Hager, Oscoda’s Jonas Berenkowski and Whittemore’s Zane Aldrich.

Hale’s Logan Lewis and Josh Bonner, Fairview’s Durius Oaks, Rogers City’s Phil Grambau and Whittemore’s Jacob Green all earned second team honors.

Whittemore’s Josh Green, Rogers City’s Duncan Ross, Oscoda’s Noah Young and Hale’s Patrick Harris and Kris Franklin earned honorable mentions.

The first team girls selections were Rogers City’s Morgan Baller, Jenna Kuznicki, Linnea Hentkowski and Kyley LaFleche, Fairview’s Addison Goy and Aby DeGrammont and Alcona’s Alicia Bishop.

Oscoda’s Anna Frederick and Tori Pichler, Rogers City’s Cheyenne Bober, Fairview’s Paige Jenkins and Alcona’s Janae Kierzek were all named to the second team.

Runners earning an honorable mention were Rogers City’s Madison Tulgestka, Maria Schultz and Jasmine Ramus, Oscoda’s Baily Pichler and Alcona’s Hayler Spalding.