Time passes Swami by

Time does have a way of passing us by, Swami can attest to that. The All-Knowing-One thought in early August, high school football is still in the future. Boom, those late summer days are gone and so is the nine week football season for 2017.

He is sure area seniors were in the same position as the All-Knowing-One, there is always another game. Tonight, the future will be reality.

With that said, Swami wishes the best to the seniors in their future endeavors where ever life will lead them. Swami has seen the young freshmen develop into some fine football players on the country side of Northern Michigan. With that said, let’s see what the final week will bring.

ALPENA (2-6) at CHELSEA (7-1) – Friday – 7:00 pm. – In a season that was filled with so much promise, suddenly rolled into a disastrous four game losing streak. Now they close out the season, against a Chelsea team that has advanced to the playoffs once again. Swami says it will not be an easy task to stay with the Bulldogs, in order to spring the upset. True, the Bulldogs have not steam rolled opponents like in the past three years, when they went to the state finals. The proof was against Ypsilanti Community, managing to pull out a 14-7 win. They indeed did receive a wake up call against Ann Arbor Huron last week with a 44-14 win. The All-Knowing-One says the Wildcats will have their hands full.

It looked very promising in an attempt to break a nine game loosing streak against Petoskey leading 20-6 in the first half. The wheels fell off shortly there after. The Northmen stormed back for a 48-33 win.

The Wildcats must play picture perfect for the entire game. Will they? That remains to be seen. One thing that can be said about Alpena in Swami’s eyes, they play extremely well in the first half, making it a game for them to win. The thing that bothers the All-Knowing-One, the Wildcats just come out flat in the second and that has been their demise.

Swami Sez: Chelsea 35, Alpena 12.

HILLMAN 4-4) at INLAND LAKES (2-6) – Friday – 7:00 pm. – The real question is: Can the Tigers still get into the playoff picture with a win over the Thunderbolts? Swami’s way of thinking, yes they can, despite a huge loss last week, that would have given them the much needed win and clinch with the needed points. Such was not the case, Hillman did not hold back and left everything on the field, which is truly in Tiger style. The All-Knowing-One wants the Tigers to make it one last time playing 11 man football.

Law of averages, the Tigers should have little difficulty in downing the Bulldogs. The most point production Inland Lakes has been able to muster came against Manton last week with 21 points, but even it was not enough in the lopsided loss. If Hillman can put together a game plan as they had against Whittemore-Prescott and the Tiger defense comes alive, then win five should come early.

Caine Hunt’s finished with 170 yards , two touchdowns on 23 carries for the Tigers, who put up the most points in a game this season. Kyler Moir was only 9 of 20, but still managed 190 yards, with two interceptions. If the two turnovers did not occur, the Tigers might have turn the tide in their favor. Three of those tosses went to Jared Juergens for 93 yards and a touchdown.

Swami Sez: Hillman 28, Inland Lakes 6.

MIO (0-8) at ALCONA (6-2) – Friday – 7:00 pm. – The Tigers came away from last week’s game against Lake City, with two disappointments. First, they lost a chance to end the regular season with one of the best records in school’s history. More importantly, Alcona in Swami’s eyes had a real shot at hosting a playoff game, both were washed out by the one point loss.

The All-Knowing-One feels they will regain the form in short order against the Thunderbolts. Mio has faced diversity in every game this season. The Thunderbolts have only passed over the 21 point threshold once this season, and it was in a lopsided loss to Manton last week. Swami feels they will rebound next year, starting six sophomores and three juniors. It will not help this year, as the bone crushing Tiger line and backfield, will present a large learning curve for the Thunderbolts.

Swami looks for the Tigers to come out with a chip on their shoulders, and will gain momentum early and will not let up.

Swami Sez: Alcona 44, Mio 12.

ATLANTA (4-4) at BRETHREN (3-4) – Friday – 7:00 pm. – A win by the Atlanta Huskies would be a monumental step for the program. A chance to make it into the postseason 8-man playoffs, for the first time since 2013, when it was 11-man. The Huskies survived a shoot out in getting a chance to move on, against Hale.

Back and forth, action resulted in a 50-42 win for the Huskies. While Brethren was dealt a deadly blow the last two weeks, losing to Mesick, and a narrow loss against Baldwin last Friday.

Atlanta owns a win over Fife Lake, while the Bobcats were run over, with that in mind, Swami has to say the Huskies, have a real chance.

Swami Sez: Atlanta 48, Brethren 14.